Since the iPad 3 has already started shipping to the lucky first people who preordered it, we’re bound to see the usual rough treatment applied to the slate. I’m talking about teardown, dropping from high above and even blending. Before we get to a new episode of “Will it blend”, we have a drop test of the latest iPad.

The guys of GizmoSlip were daring enough to walk out of an Apple Store with the new tablet and drop it. The device was dropped from 4 feet high, first on its back, then the corner and then the front. The first test only left a couple of scratches on the tablet, while the second made quite a dent into its corner, but the screen was fine both times. The last drop, the one on the device’s facade really hurt the screen, cracking it all over. This is still a higher performance than the iPad 2, that gave up in a 3 foot drop on the corner.

Anyway, you probably don’t want to drop the just bought tablet you spend $500 for, so you’d better keep away from such experiments. From what I remember the iPhone isn’t that durable either, so you’d best keep your iDevices out of harm’s way and safe from heights, ok?