One of the most appealing slates at CES 2011, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook was recently demoed in a video posted on the web by the device’s marker. RIM shows the QNX-based tablet’s browser in action, complete with HTML5 streaming and Flash-based gaming, plus social network interaction.

The Apple iPad can eat its heart out right about now, in spite of having sold millions of units. As you can see in the video below, pinch zooming works great, page rendering is superb and in-page videos work perfectly. More hands-on action will be shown these days in Vegas, as CES 2011 goes on, but till then, the PlayBook looks pretty hot and we’re looking forward for its 4G version, too.

  • “Although PlayBook will auto-rotate the screen when turned, the device is really geared to primarily be used in landscape mode.”

    – That is a real downer. No wonder all preview video’s are in landscape mode. If you have any chance to play with one more could you make some pics in portrait mode?

    ” The core apps like mail, contacts and such won’t work in standalone mode with just the tablet, meaning, you’ll essentially need a BlackBerry to use the PlayBook. … even if it runs Flash well.”

    – I am wondering if companies still fall for this device if there are no basic functions without tethering with a BB. Also do you have seen any software for enterprises on the playbook? Would be nice to show it next time 🙂 70-680 640-802