Apple has started the Black Friday UK sale early, with a 31 quid off special offer for the iPad 2 tablet, while the MacBooks and iMacs get 81 quid off. Many other discounts have been applied to Apple and third party products and accessories. Well, you must know that the UK doesn’t usually adopt the Black Friday trend, but for Apple’s price reduction, they might make an exception.

Apple also offers the iPod Touch at 154 quid and the nano at 104 quid, while the MacBook Air and Pro start at 768 and 918 quid respectively. If you want an iMac, that’s going to cost you 918 quid. Time Capsules go for 228 pounds, Bluetooth keyboards are now worth 48 quid and the Magic Trackpad can be yours for the same price.

Lots of accessories and of course iPhones and iPads are found with price reductions these days, so if you’ve been holding back from buying an iPad and if you’re an UK client, check Apple’s offer out.