Atmel is the company behind the touch panels for Samsung’s latest smartphones and it seems that they’re ready to take their technology to a new level, making it available on displays of up to 15 inches. Here’s a video showing the potential applications of this screen technology:

Atmel’s primary product is the maXtouch panels, that will be used on a couple of upcoming devices. Samsung Wave and Galaxy S are two of those, but the really interesting products should be tablets and full-size notebooks. In spite of the promising technology, Atmel will have to pair that up with quality screens and interfaces, or else they’ll fail, even if they have promising ideas and initiatives.

The maXTouch platform supports gestures and has virtually no limit to touches, plus it supports stylus input. The neatness continues, as the touch panel rejects palms and unintentional touches, while also sporting a 7ms response time.

[via crunchgear]