It’s been a while since ASUS launched a Chi series product, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working on one for a while. Case in point, the ASUS T302 Chi has just leaked, in two flavours, the T302C and T302CA, courtesy of hands on shots.


There’s also a brand new keyboard dock in the mix, one that makes the device look like a Dell or HP laptop a bit. The Transformer Book T300 Chi upgrade brings a keyboard with pogo pin connectors and the new dock brings two USB ports on the sides. One is an USB 3.0 and the other an USB 2.0. This accessory is much thicker than what we got on the Chi and Transformer models of the past.


It may mean that we get an extra battery inside, to juice up the whole setup in laptop form. The chassis with unibody aluminum frame is kept and we’ve got a satin finish and diamond cut edges. Inside the slate there should be an Intel Core m3 processor, of the Skylake flavour. USB Type C connectivity and micro HDMI should also be here.

This is a fanless design, by the way and Windows 10 is pretty much a given. A 12.5 inch Full HD or WQHD display will be in the mix, plus potentially a new stylus. Expect a price of 699 euros, according to preorders popping up in Europe.