For those of you who are steampunk fans out there, the following keyboard will probably be a gold mine. The device is called Qwerkywriter and it’s a QWERTY keyboard with Bluetooth for tablets.


Having that vintage look everyone loves and being inspired by typewriters, this is quite the tool to fashion your next novel on the go. Keys are sticking out and have that satisfying feedback everyone loves on typewriters. The keyboard is made of aluminum, so it’s quite sturdy for both transportation and taking abuse from hard key pushes.

Mechanical switches are included, so you’ll hear the classic click clacking noises of mechanical keyboards and typewriters. Battery life should be around 3 months, so you don’t have to charge it often. It also includes a built in stand for tablets, fitting devices between 5 and 8 inches in diagonal, but the price may be the aspect you don’t like here: $349.

Free worldwide shipping is promised.