We finally have some proof regarding a device that has been rumored a lot and leaked… well not at all. According to Rightware’s Power Board benchmark result site, there’s a device that seems to be the ASUS Nexus Tablet, here dubbed Nexus 7 and it runs a mystery Android 4.1, that may end up being Android Jelly Bean.

The manufacturer is listed as ASUS, the brand is Google and it has the latest Android on it… so, is this the Nexus Tablet? The folks of Android Police dissected the leak and drew the conclusion that the device code name “grouper” follows in the Google tradition of naming Nexus devices after fish. The Xoom was known as “Wingray/Stingray” back in the days, while the Nexus One was “Mahi-mahi” and the G1 was trout. So, grouper is the latest fish in the Google pond.

Nexus 7 is supposed to support a 1280 x 768 pixel resolution, according to a previous leak. The 7 inch form factor is pretty much confirmed by the name and as far as Android 4.1 = Jelly Bean theory is concerned, the name could have been faked, but it may be the truth. People who dug into the servers of the benchmarks/logs found multiple instances of Android 4.1 and references to Galaxy Nexus running builds related to it, so we might as well consider this as Jelly Bean! Excited about this leak? We sure are! Here’s the exact strings leak:

“”os”:  {
“android”:  {
   “model”:  “Nexus  7”,
   “hardware”:  “grouper”,
   “manufacturer”:  “asus”,
   “device”:  “grouper”,
   “brand”:  “google”,
   “display”:  “XXXXXX-userdebug  4.1  JRN51B  3XXXXX  dev-keys”,
   “version_sdk”:  “4.1”,
   “board”:  “grouper”,
   “version_code”:  “1”