In case you didn’t know it, the quad core budget Nexus 7 tablet also has some accessories out there, one of them being the official dock unboxed below. This is the first sighting of an official ASUS accessory for this model, since docks and other similar products for the Nexus devices have been a mystery up until now.


These accessories will be available from the Play Store soon, with leaks saying that “early December” is the availability time frame, although we’re kind of past that. This lucky unboxer was supposedly able to buy the ASUS Nexus 7 dock a day early at a retail outlet, so this means that the product is supposed to go live tomorrow, at least in Japan. The dock offers a 3.5 mm audio out, a microUSB for charging and syncing and this device uses the POGO pins for connection and charging.

Sadly there are no video out options to play with. The speculated price tag here is $39.99 or less, but without HDMI out, the product is certainly a bad deal, no matter the price… Maybe they’ll bundle them with future Nexus 7 releases for Xmas.