Windows 8 is certainly not your average Windows experience, so it may take a while to get used to. Microsoft is claiming that we should not be concerned about the time it takes to get adjusted to the new Windows experience, since about 2 weeks are enough to get used to it, at most.


The information comes from Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s new Windows product development chief, replacing Steven Sinofsky. However, that’s only one opinion, from one side of the barricade, while UI expert Jakob Nielsen is claiming that Windows 8 leaves users dazed and confused. What’s certain is that Win 8 is certainly better than Windows 7 when it comes to the touch experience, but it’s also pretty strange to forget about the Start button and constantly swipe around to get to the desired functions.

Also the settings and Charms may take a while to get used to, as well as the vertical swipe to close down apps, instead of the X in the corner. Experts estimate that productivity is actually lower on Windows 8 than on Windows 7, but I wonder if this applies after a period of adjustment…