Laptops are still selling, even though tablets dug seriously into their market share and people looking to buy such products, usually go to the most famous and well known brands. Now we have a top of these brands, which shows quite the jump for ASUS.


The top was conceived by, the authority on laptops all over the world and they awarded points for design, reviews, tech support, warranty, software and innovation. Apple came on top, with 83 points out of 100, but the real winner was ASUS. They jumped from the 7th spot in the previous year to third spot now, only 2 points behind Apple and 1 point behind Dell.


Apple is the leading brand on Laptopmag for the seventh year in a row, thanks to its great tech support and fantastic quality, in both hardware and software. ASUS is on the podium courtesy of the excellent product build and especially thanks to high quality models like the ZenBook UX305. They also have great value for the money spent on products like the aggressively priced ASUS F555LA.

And on a personal note, over the past years when a friend asked me to recommend a laptop, I usually referred him to an ASUS, so that’s got to count for something, too.