Asustek Computer had a global sales meeting on December 3rd, announcing its annual shipments goals, that for 2013 include strong slate shipments. The same company expects notebook shipments to reach 24 million units, up from the 22.3 million units in 2012. Tablet shipments are expected to rise from 6.3 million units in 2012 to 12 million units, which almost doubles the performance from this year.

As far as motherboards go, the company expects the volume to either stay flat or drop a bit, to 21.5 or 22 million. In the notebook area the company expects for 2012 the notebook shipments to reach 19 million units, up 30% from the 2011 performance. The Eee PC shipments will grow 13.78% on year to 3.3 million units and the tablet shipments grew 250% this year, reaching 6.3 million units.

Asustek expects to become the second largest brand vendor in terms of combined shipments of notebook and tablet in 2013, only being surpassed by Apple. The PadFone series is predicted to reach shipments of 1 million units next year. Revenue growth is predicted at 15 to 20% for 2013, according to experts.