ASUS UK just posted on its official blog that folks who want to get the upgraded 1080p screen version of the Transformer Prime will have to wait till June. Also, they detail the issues with the GPS and WiFi on the existing units and advise customers to return the slats with problems and get a refund. In case you didn’t know the Prime TF700, the one with 1080p screen also gets rid of connectivity issues, so the guys who already purchased a Prime must be bummed out about this.

I guess that unveiling the new Prime with upgrades at CES was a bad move, since it can only be released this summer, allowing the first Prime to get some decent sales. ASUS probably found out that Acer was preparing to unveil its own 1080p quad core tablet and quickly unveiling an alternative. The new Transformer Prime TF700 is still using that quad core Tegra 3 CPU and 10.1 inch display, but the resolution was upgraded to 1920 x 1200, a very impressive feat, even for a tablet of 2012.

People are saying that the iPad 3 will have a res of 2048 x 1536, but I’ll believe that when I see it… In the meantime, the TF700 sounds appealing, but if it launches this summer there will be at least 5 models with similar features available by then… so who wins in the end?