With Windows 8 only months away from release, I guess it’s time to get those vital details that everyone wants, such as hardware requirements for this OS. Some people are even expecting a Nokia Windows 8 slate at Nokia Connection 2012, this summer… For starters we’ll need 5 physical buttons on the device to make it truly Win 8 compatible.

These five buttons will include Power, Volume Up/Down, rotating lock and a Windows key. The latter will have to be 10.5mm in diameter and its shape will be subject to changes from the maker of the slate. NFC is also a must have here with a “touch mark” represented on the tablet through a sticker or some other marking. The storage must leave at least 10GB of free space after installation of the OS and the system firmware must use UEFI and have secure boot locked down from ARM tablets. The bezel around the screen mustn’t interfere with the user’s interaction wit the edges of the display area.

We also get a maximum of 1mm of the digitizer’s jitter over 10mm of travel. CTRL+ATL+DEL has been changed to Power+Windows button and other requirements include WLNA, Bluetooth 4.0, assisted GPS radio, Direct 3D 10 with WDDM 1.2. The display must support at least a 1366 x 768 pixels of resolution with a depth of 32 bits. The camera on board of the Windows 8 slate must do 720p capture and the sensors on board must include an ambient light one (1-30k LUX capable with dynamic range of 5-60k), magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer.

More info can be found in the source link below.