ASUS showed everyone concepts at CES 2010, plus a tablet that was a mere mockup, so they basically didn’t innovate anything just yet.

However, we were pleased to find out about a new E-book reader, ASUS DR-570, that got detailed on the Times Online’s InGear.

Apparently, this is a device sporting a 6 inch OLED display, support for Flash video playback, WiFi and 3G connectivity. An impressive feat of this E-reader is its battery, that should last for 122 hours with a single charge.

As far as the launch date is concerned, the ASUS DR-570 should arrive by the end of 2010, hopefully with a reasonable price tag.

[via Engadget]

  • ASUS is coming alive in ereaders market now. They already triggered their Color OLED screen e book reader. And coming is the touch screen e-book reader. 2010 seems to be the year for e-book readers.

  • The DR 570 looks very cool. When does it come out?