Although Starbucks and McDonald’s are now in the game of integrating wireless charging into their tables, other restaurant chains are even more generous and offer the customers devices to play with. One example is Applebee’s, who is preparing to offer a tablet at every table.


If it were 5 years ago or so we would see the table being a tablet, so to speak. I’m obviously talking about the Microsoft Surface coffee table, but that time is long passed and we’re now into portability. Applebee’s is investing quite a bit in the 100,000 tablets it purchased. Over 1800 locations will get the goods by the end of 2014.

These tablets will allow patrons to pay from the seat, without having to move around the joint and even add more food and beverages to their orders. A pilot program has shown that this saves a lot of time. Waiting for the check has proved to be one of the most frustrating experience in a restaurant apparently and his saves the customer the trouble.

What will they come up with next? Tablets that feed us?