Apple has been dropping the ball a few times over the past year, when it came to iOS updates, some of them managing to brick tablets or phones. For example iOS 9.3.2 is said to have bricked a few iPad Pro units and it has been withdrawn from availability.


What makes things worse is that the devices can’t be restored via iTunes, in spite of the owners being prompted to try that. It’s not very clear what made this mess, but Apple is certainly working to fix it. They claim a small number of units were affected, after receiving an error while trying to update the software. Apple had a similar problem in March, when iOS 9.3 affected some iPads and iPhones.

The Cupertino firm had to quickly release another update to solve the problems. Luckily, The company is fast about the fixes, usually taking one or two days to push them. It’s still not very clear if the bricked iPad Pros can be revived again or not. With Surface Pro tablets also getting similar problems and the Nvidia Shield Tablets, too, is there any OS without such issues on tablets?