A new Apple patent covers a very interesting type of invention, an accessory that attaches to various devices using magnetic connectors. The documents mention straps for purses, locking mechanisms for iPad covers and more.


“Attachment apparatuses” is the exact term used here and the purpose is to offer easy and fast attachment or detachment to and from a device. The attachment piece of gear may include a textile material and an attachment point of the magnetic sort. The devices mentioned in the patent are mobile phones, luggage, personal electronic devices and many more.


A magnetic attraction between a magnetic or ferrous element is quoted in the papers, as well as mechanical fasteners. Right now the Apple Watch uses such magnetic elements for several watch bands like the Milanese Loop, Leather Loop and Modern Buckle. As you can see sneakers fastening mechanisms for laces are also included and I can’t help but think that sensors will also be embedded into the magnetic parts for extra fitness tracking.

The latch of iPad covers is in the mix too, for an extra secure way of locking up your slate on the go.