The Apple iPad Tablet comes with the iBooks service, providing E-books to all users and it also runs iWorks, the full suite rival of Microsoft’s Office. What’s groundbreaking is Apple’s pricing for this product, that will once again be available via AT&T, like the iPhone. Apparently, there will also be 3G models, available worldwide and unlocked.

Pricing starts at $499, for the 16GB WiFi version of the iPad, $599 for the 32GB one and $699 for the 64GB one. The 3G connectivity adds an extra $130 to the price and another bomb in Steve Jobs’ presentation today was the unveiling of a keyboard accessory for the tablet, also used to dock it. We’ve also found out that WiFi models will ship 60 days from now, while the 3G ones will be available 90 days from now.

As far as data plans associated to the device are concerned, you get a $14.99 plan for up to 250MB of data per month or a $29.99 one with unlimited data. You can also buy a case accessory for the iPad and… that’s about all you need to know about this splendid device. Did we mention that it’s able to function for 10 hours straight, thanks to its battery? Also, the same battery provides one month of standby fun…

[via Engadget]