Well, look on the bright side: if you’ve been looking for a bigger iPhone, then you’ve got it, through the Apple iPad. However, if you were looking for a netbook replacement, you might be a bit disappointed… Where’s the multitasking? And what about a cool new OS? And a camera? In the meantime, let’s stop being mean and check out the hands on action below, showing the iPad in action:

We see Safari Mobile getting tested, a bit of the virtual QWERTY keyboard in action, the side buttons getting handled and the reviewer also messes with an ebook or two. The screen turns from landscape to portrait quite fast, Google Maps behaves well, lag’s nowhere to be found (except for maybe, in book page zooming).

Last, we have a look at video playback and the good old Tetris game, although we would have liked a higher end title to be tested. Still pretty good… for an oversized iPhone..

[via SlahGear]