Apple has recently started supplying developers with the tools needed to develop iPad apps. We’re talking about the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, available right here. The pack contains all the tools you need to develop and optimize iPhone OS apps for the iPad. iPhone developer program members are granted access to the iPad simulator, the iPad programming guide, human interface guidelines and much more.

You can become a member of the iPhone developer program now, paying $99 a year for The Standard Program, or $299 a year for the Enterprise Program. We’re curious to see if there will be any apps made solely for the iPad, not for the iPhone, in case such a thing would happen. What do you think?

[via apple]

  • freehealthcareforall

    It is an insult to developers for requiring to pay for the developer membership to create apps for Apple/Google/MSFT products. Don’t these companies get enough value from the developers already. I can see a day where all developers band together and kick these companies in their greedy faces. SW developer union, anyone?