We have heard this theory before: the iPad Pro 12 inch Apple slate is being held back for a 2015 release. However, what we didn’t have till now is a reason for this to happen. Well, turns out that the Cupertino company may follow this route, forced by the pressure put on suppliers by the iPhone 6.


As you know, next week Apple plans to unveil new products, most likely the iPad Air 2 and new Macs, but there’s no hint regarding an iPad Mini 3 or iPad Pro just yet. As you know, this model is said to pack a 12.9 inch screen, with a higher resolution, a more potent CPU, more RAM than before and a sort of hybrid of Mac OS and iOS. It may also get a keyboard accessory that will make it rival a MacBook.

Now it turns out that the suppliers are so busy with the iPhone 6 delivers, that they’re not ready to deliver the iPad Pro. This means that theoretically the slate is ready, so I doubt we’ll be seeing more than an Apple A8x CPU on board. Of course, Apple could pull a Watch on us and just announce the tablet next week and then release it in 2015, maybe in the same time frame with the Watch.

But then again, probably not, since we’d have had more leaks of the Pro tablet by now.