Apple just got a very interesting patent related to a control method of its flagship tablet, the iPad. It appears that the documents refer to a new control method involving 3D gestures, as shown in the sketch below.


The Cupertino giant actually applied for the tech back in 2010, but it only got the approval this week. The idea is to have a user generate 3D objects from 2D objects using finger gestures. There’s no mention of holograms, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind. We don’t exactly know the science behind this, but it appears that the user will manipulate 3D objects virtually and that sounds like a hologram.

The patent itself talks about “detecting the 3D gesture input”, that involves measuring a distance between the finger and a surface of the display. Of course we could be doing air gestures and still the patent would fit. Don’t expect this technology to make it into the iPad 5, but iPad 7? Definitely!