It’s not enough to have Apple Stores anymore apparently, so the Cupertino giant wants to build iPad and iPhone Stores, according to a recent initiative they took in India. The new and exclusive stores will include three weeks worth of supply once they’re opened and they will only need 3 or 4 employees to operate.


Those include a storage manager, an iOS promoter and one or two sales managers, apparently. Apple intends to take 50% of the cost for the dozen units or so offered as demo for clients. The operation will be a pretty basic one, with low costs and high profits, probably. Apple is expected to sell up to 1 million iPhones in India during the fiscal year ending in September. The Cupertino company seems to have adapted well to the Indian retail market.

I wonder if their new stores will only offer the products on site, or also deliver them. Maybe they’ll work in tandem with local delivery companies to move things faster. An integration of such stores in malls would be a smart move, but that remains to be seen. I wonder if the employees of the new locations will include an “iOS Genius”, or just the random store seller.