The Android Open Kang Project involves a popular ROM in the Android world, but now there’s a fresh blog post from the developers behind the project saying that they have new things coming. The AOKP team has been working on Android 4.3 ROMs, with fresh details revealed these days.


The ROMs have been labeled JB-MR2 in the AOKP namekeeping, ever since the release of the last OS. The first nightly builds of Android 4.3 have been posted and it’s all peachy on that front. AOKP also added the WiFi version of the Nexus 7 2013 on the support list, as well as the Oppo Find 5. Apparently, this handset has been popular among custom ROM enthusiasts for some reason.

Another piece of news involves the fact that AOKP ROM has recently passed 3.5 million users worldwide, getting wide recognition. That’s the number of users, not installations or downloads, so even more impressive. With Cyanogen getting incorporated recently, this leaves a window open for other companies making ROMs to make a name for themselves.