Juniper Systems and SDG Systems have just introduced a brand new tablet that looks very tough and it should since it’s a rugged model. Dubbed Rampage 6, this is a 5.7 inch device with Android 2.3 on board, but it makes up for the older OS through a resilient shell.

The Rampage 6 has a big and thick case that will take a beating and actually survive a dip in the ocean. Also you can drop the tablet on concrete and it will be safe and working. The sacrifice made here is the one of the looks, since this gadget is pretty ugly and bulky. It looks like a console of yesteryear and one of the industrial site tablets. Anyway you must know that it packs a resistive screen, yet another reason for it to be less tempting, especially since it also doesn’t support multitouch.

Apparently, this is not a consumer model, so it’s rather made for use in dirty environments where other tablets are too fragile. Rampage 6 comes with a GPS receiver, barcode scanner and a version of Android based on the Android Open Source Project. Pricing details aren’t available but what we do know is that the product is coming in Q3 2012. Video of the slate below: