Before the CTIA Wireless 2011 event next week, we’ll have a look at the SXSW Interactive Festival, where Angry Birds Rio could be seen in action on a tablet. The title is related to the new animated 3D film Rio and as you’ll see in the vid below, the graphics and gameplay have been revamped.

Angry Birds Rio involved both Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios and it uses the same storyline as the animation movie Rio. The purpose of the game has changed: you won’t be shooting birds out of slingshots to destroy green pigs, but rather to free captured birds. 60 levels are available, complete with extra levels, in future updates.

The title will debut through Amazon’s Android App Store in March 22, as for the Rio movie, it will be premiered on April 15th. It’s interesting to see such gameplay on a tablet, especially in the new and improved version of Angry Birds: