The device you can see below can turn from a handset that looks a bit like the iPhone 4 into a slate with a 6 inch diagonal. This is a dual screen prototype with Android, made by Imerj and Frog Design. The unit got a hands-on experience courtesy of Engadget, that detailed the unit and found it interesting.

We’re dealing with a device with customized Android 2.3 running on it, bezel gestures used for control and great multitasking. Dubbed as a “2 in 1 smartpad”, this model doesn’t have a name yet and its design reminds me of the Kyocera Echo phone quite a bit. Each half of the device is solid and firm, according to Engadget and the hinge in the middle is pretty resilient and doesn’t click.

Once extended, this unit measures 7mm in thickness, that is impressive even for a tablet like the iPad 2. Once folded, this model is still thinner than the Droid Charge and about 50% thicker than the iPhone 4. The displays on this smartpad are 4 inch WVGA AMOLEDs with a combined resolution of 800 x 960 pixels.

You can learn more about this interesting prototype from Engadget, in the source link below.