Nanosys has found a way to give us a taste of the Retina Display experience on the bigger screen, by implementing a brand new technology meant for tablets and HDTVs. The company created a method to boost colors without using extra power or extra cost. They simply improved the quality of the backlighting behind the LCD panel.

Nanosys achieved this result thanks to a more balanced spread across the spectrum, that enhances the colors of individual pixels. For this purpose, the company had to create custom phosphides that fluorescence in specific colors. Basically, there’s a Nanosys film that replaces that diffuse in display panels and the white backlight is replaced with a blue one for better results.

The thing is that a display like the one of the iPad only shows 20% of the colors the human eye can see, while a Nanosys QDEF is able to show over 60% . Robert Scoble seems pretty convinced that this technology will make it to the iPad 3, but its maker is also aiming for HDTVs, as well as slates. Here’s a video detailing the technology.