The folks of NY Times recently sat down with John Lagerling, the director of business development for Android and asked him a few questions. From the series of questions we found out stuff like the reasons of the Nexus device pricing, Nexus development and more.

Lagerling claims that his favourite feature of the new Nexus devices is the 360 degree panoramic photo, called Photo Sphere. There’s also the ability to do inductive charging, so you don’t have to bother with a plug. He also describes the Nexus 10 as very thin and light and the resolution is very good, at 2.5K, so the pics are very crisp and so is the text. The most interesting question was how Google managed to keep prices of the new Nexus devices so low.

John Lagerling said that they didn’t want to charge people $600 for a phone belonging to the latest generation. He felt the current prices are unreasonable and mentioned the Nexus 7 as positive example for pricing. The choice of price, $299 for Nexus 4 and $399 for Nexus 10 is the best Google could achieve for these models. The official said that he felt the 10 inch tablets were underpowered and overpriced and this is where Samsung jumped in and saved the day. More insight into the Nexus devices can be found in the source link!