Amazon’s tablet continues to leak bit by bit and now we have a list of the company’s supplies that will help build the device. The list includes Nvidia’s CPUs, CPT touch sensors and more. Q3 2011 remains the launch time frame, it appears.

Speculations have pointed towards a Fringe Field Switching display technology on this tablet, provided by E Ink, in order to rival the IPS panels on the Eee Pad Transformer and iPad 2. E Ink recently decided to invest $52 million into CPT, getting in return the chance to use the company’s 6th-gen production line.

This increases the yield for the manufacturing of Fringe Field Switching displays using the subsidiary Hydis. We remind you that Amazon has two tablet planed, the Coyote, a dual core model with glass on glass touch panel and the Hollywood, with a 10 inch display and a quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 Kal-El chipset.

Wintek and CPT will provide the hardware for assembles Quanta in the case of the 7 inch model, while Foxconn will handle the 10 incher.