We love it when a big company gives back to the community and helps people evolve, so today we’re excited to hear that Amazon has started a new program called Kindle Reading Fund. It’s meant to promote digital reading and involves, among others donating Kindles.


The Fund will be in charge of donating Kindle e-readers, as well as Fire tablets and ebooks to a variety of recipients, like reading programs in developing countries. The company is working with Worldreader, which is a non profit organization, providing e-books to children and families in developing countries. The aim is to promote literacy and the two entities already worked together on previous projects, including one that brought digital reading items to 61 Kenyan libraries.

Kindle Fund also brings the tablets and e-book readers to schools, as well as libraries, hospitals and more. The program allows the company to accept donations formally from 501(c) or tax exempt non profit organizations and schools, without a problem. That’s what I call making a difference!