Amazon’s Kindle series of products is on fire right now, especially thanks to the Kindle Fire, it appears. No less than 1 million Kindle units are sold each week, if recent figures from retailers are to be believed. Amazon just announced that its tablet and Kindle eReaders have passed the 1 million mark for 3 consecutive weeks now.

They also take pride in saying that the Kindle Fire is the most successful product they’ve launched so far, being the best selling product on all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks. “Millions of units sold” are mentioned and millions more are being built in order to meet the high demand. The info comes from VP of Amazon’s Kindle business Dave Limp. Demand is also accelerating, says the same Amazon official. After all we’re dealing with a $200 tablet with Android 2.3 all wrapped in Amazon’s content providing services.

The e-reading experience is top notch, you can get apps from Amazon’s store and can even try new workarounds that will eventually bring Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich to this dual core slate. It may lack volume buttons, 3G, GPS, a camera and more storage, but it’s still a very good product.

  • they sell it in US because people are sheep and buy every crap that gets out. Here, in Europe, we think a bit before throwing money 🙂
    I I want a tablet, I’ll buy a real tablet, not a wannabe one. And here the price is in euros, well beyond the 250 mark….

  • Ben Dover

    Well its a good thing we’re not in Europe wise ass.

  • Deian Stancu

    Quick, go buy an another Kindle Fire, quick, before they run out of stock.