Amazon has been rumored to be working on a Kindle Fire 2 for a while and apparently they’re preparing not one, but two new models, one with a 7 inch diagonal and the other with a 10 inch screen. Insiders say that the products could launch as soon as next month, or at least be announced then.

The first Kindle Fire was announced last Fall, so it would make sense to debut it around the same time this year. However, competition is more fierce now, with the Google Nexus 7 offering pretty much the same thing as the Kindle Fire, only with better specs. A while ago Amazon was rumored to had two tablets in development, the 7 inch Coyote model, with dual core processor, that actually launched last November as the Kindle Fire and the 10 inch Hollywood, with quad core processor, that we’re still waiting for.

The 10 incher will actually arrive this year, followed by a new 7 inch Kindle Fire. The build materials will be greatly upgraded and the new models will adopt a metal casing, replacing the current generation’s soft touch plastic body. The device is supposed to incorporate a chromey rib and a black matte finish, plus a bunch of powerful speakers and maybe even a HDMI port.