DigiTimes has the usual inside sources telling it that we’ll see the next Kindle Fire coming in Q2 2012. This one will adopt the same idea of format as one of Samsung’s recent tablets, so it will get an 8.9 inch display. Last I heard, Amazon was preparing both a 10.1 inch Fire and a follow-up to the 7 inch model launched just days ago.

The same reports are saying that Amazon wants to use LG Display and Samsung for the production of the 8.9 inch panels, in an attempt to set them apart from those 9.7 inch and 10.1 inch slates out there. However, it seems that the 10.1 inch Kindle Fire is still in the books and it might come in 2012. Foxconn is mentioned as one of the partners that will make the new Kindle tablets, or at least the 8.9 incher.

Foxconn will also manufacture the 7 inch Kindle Fire, together with Quanta, but that will happen in Q1 2012, according to the same DigiTimes. Before we get too excited about the new Amazon tablet, let’s wait for some sales figures and see if it’s worth the effort to try and develop the next version of slate.