The latest rumors about Apple’s involvement with 5G mention that their 5G iPhone will arrive in 2020. Many have been wondering what happens with a potential 5G iPad. Well, that’s also coming but only in 2021.

The info comes from Economic Daily News, that quotes top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, claiming that 5G for the iPad is two years away. There are tests to perform, partners to find, in order to supply components and more. With Qualcomm and Apple making peace, things have gotten easier now. In the meantime we could as well use a 5G smartphone as a hotspot for the tablets.

Kuo also expects Apple to introduce a liquid crystal polymer board into the future iPad later in this year. The purpose is to reduce signal loss and improve networking performance. This is basically one last move before going to 5G in the iPad lineup. It’ll be very interesting to see how the 5G implementation changes the design of the tablet, as well all remember how the antennae for previous 3G/4G models made the tablets look.

The first gen unit may also suffer in the battery life department, since 5G should really use up a lot of power.