After being released in the beta version, iOS 4.3 was taken apart by experts, only to find support for multitouch gestures meant for the iPad and possibly hints regarding the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. iOS 4.3 is also meant to bring WiFi hotspot capabilities to GSM iPhones.

As far as the multitouch gesture support is concerned, users will get to use four or five fingers to pinch the Home screen on the iPad. Swiping up will reveal the multitasking bar and swiping left/right will move between the apps. It has been rumored that the future iPad and iPhone will give up the Home button and replace it with gestures.

Some other code references in iOS 4.3 might include details about live video effects for video capture and FaceTime calls. Also, the OS should include AirPlay support for third party native apps, a new FaceTime icon, iAd full screen banners for iPad and a configurable slide switch for the iPad.