A recent report from research firm Juniper Research details the future of tablets when it comes to their use in the world of e-payments and mobile banking. The users are accepting more and more the use of such payment methods and the research shows that a quarter of tablet users will pay bills via slates by 2017.


This stands for approximately 19% of total mobile banking customers by that year, compared to 9% in 2013. In developed areas, the tablet use for payments and similar purposes may surpass the use of handsets. Consumer tablet adoption continues to rise, according to the same Juniper study, so there will be a big migration of purchasing and transaction activity from notebooks and desktops to tablets.

Couch commerce has become a big trend within the payments industry and it will be replicated within the banking industry, said the firm. The banks are also building MBPP services within their platforms and easy to use handset/tablet apps, so they’re adapting as well. Are you ready to trust your tablet with such essential data?