2013 has brought us a ton of iPad Mini clones, some with crazy good prices, such as the model pictured below. We’re dealing with yet another iPad Mini clone from China, one that’s priced at 599 yuan, translating to about $98.


This model packs a quad core Allwinner A31s processor, a 7.9 inch display and it also bundles an OTG cable. The case seems to be made of plastic, although there are also mentions of metal in the source article. From the pics we spot a HDMI port, a microphone, microSD card slot and microUSB port. The screen here is an IPS with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and good viewing angles, according to people who tested the gizmo.

In the source link below you’ll find a full review of the tablet, that seems to run a few games just fine, allowing some social networking via Weibo also without hassle. I suspect there’s 1 GB of RAM on board, although that’s not mentioned anywhere and also it probably has at least 8 GB of storage.