Considering Nokia will launch a Windows 8 tablet next year, it was only a matter of time till the Finns starting getting their swipe on… Now, proof has appeared that Windows 8 actually relies on Swipe interaction for closing down apps and other features.

The proof is the very blurry video below, that shows a user swiping his way through Metro UI. We already know Swipe from the Nokia N9 experience, where this motion was crucial for interacting with menus, apps and everything on the device. Swipe was also popular on the BlackBerry PlayBook and the HP TouchPad, so why not include it on Windows 8 tablets as well?

As far as the swipe effects on Windows go, it appears that swiping from left to right switches to the next running task (just like ALT + TAB), while swiping halfway down from the top of the screen opens a multitasking area for switching apps. There’s also a method of swiping all the way down from the top of the screen to close running apps.

Is this the future of interaction, replacing the X in the corner of the screen?