From a while now, Microsoft let us test Windows 10 Beta on both mobile and desktop devices. This new version of the operating system developed by the IT company arrives in the package with something that was missing from the actual Windows 8.1 OS, and that’s the start button.


Today we get to know that Windows 10 will be launched in stores on July 29th, a day when we’ll be able to download it straight from our home. Also, we’re be able to register for a free Windows 10 copy by completing some details in a dedicated app.


If you have automatic updates checked on your PC that is running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 then you might notice a pop up showed up in the right side of the taskbar. From there we can reserve a free Windows 10 upgrade for our notebook or computer. Among the new things that Windows 10 brings, we have Cortana vocal assistant and the Microsoft Edge browser.

Will you reserve a free Windows 10 upgrade?