VTech’s InnoPad is a sign that tablet makers are starting to look for niche markets, now that the we’re fed up with so many alternatives of the same products. This device is a tablet for kids, a learning slate for young ones aged 4 to 9. The product comes with a 5 inch touch display, a tilt sensor for gaming and microphone.

USB, an SD card slot and a headphone jack are also included and frankly this is more of a MID than a tablet. Notice the case, that’s “child-proof”, so you won’t get food, juice or jelly on it, with the sacrifice of the bulky waistline. VTech Innopad uses learning cartridges, but there’s also support for digital downloads, if you’re interested.

Sync with a Mac or PC is also on board and you can get yourself one of these for $79.99. InnoPad supports interactive e-books, learning games and creative activities, that will keep kids entertained for days.