Microsoft is trying to make the Surface Pro 2 tablet more appealing and we know this is no easy task, but let’s see what they’ve got. The Surface Pro 2 is getting a “geek” bundle, that features a free Xbox controller, as shown in the image below.


MS worked with culture show “Geek & Sundry” and pushed live a new gaming deal in its virtual store. The offer is only available in US and Canada and also bundles $105 worth of free games and accessories. The overall price of the product is $899 and it brings you the base 64 GB Surface Pro 2, a wireless Xbox 360 controller and two games.

Those are Farming Simulator 2013 and a premium pack for free to play WW II flying simulator War Thunder. One may argue that the games are not appealing and yes, they’re probably not, but since they’re free they’ll have to do. The offer runs till May 1st or till the stock runs out, whatever comes first.

Check out the store here.