It could seem like a sacrilege to run Ubuntu Linux on Microsoft’s flagship Win 8 tablet, but people are already doing that. After all they paid about $900 for the privilege of owning such a device, so they might as well play with it. Russell Holly of recently posted detailed instructions on how to get the famous Linux distribution on the slate


First of all you need to disable the secure boot, after you create an optional Windows 8 recovery and we know that there’s plenty of space for that on the Windows 8 tablet, too many some would say. You must also delete the restore partition and then place the Ubuntu Live USB disk in the USB 3 port of the Surface Pro and return to the Settings area on the Charm Bar. Then you get to General PC settings, boot into Advanced Startup, tap the icon with the USB stick and DVD labeled Use a Device once the Surface booted into Advanced settings.

You choose the USB drive and wait for the Surface Pro to reboot. Once you get Ubuntu going, the pen won’t be recognized by the OS, as the button on its side won’t be able to function. WiFi also won’t work at first, so you need a USB Ethernet converter to get connected at first. With all this tablet of Ubuntu tablets and phones, is it really worth it to port the OS instead of buying it preinstalled on some new toy?