The Tobii EyeMobile is a peripheral meant for people with physical and communication impairments, who want to control Windows 8 tablets. The device involves eye control and all it takes are relaxed movements of the eyes.


Tobii can be mounted on the dashboard for in-car use, or on a wheelchair or workstation. The list of devices compatible with the EyeMobile includes the Microsoft Surface, Dell Latitude 10 and the price tag of the product is $4,250. Among the people who can use this are those afflicted by muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome, ALS, spinal cord injuries and more.

Tobii’s eye tracking technology can read eye movements in order to scroll on a page without needing a mouse for example. The device is attached via a bracket underneath a tablet and all the user needs to do once the device is installed is calibrate the sensor. Tobii also allows tweaking the precision and delay settings for zoom and overlay.