Allwinner is a name we’ve been hearing a lot over the past days, just because they’ve been detailing their upcoming A80 octa core processors. Today we get some details about their compatibility with a variety of platforms.


During the HKTDC show in Hong Kong, the company showed off products based on the A31 quad core and A80 octa core CPUs. Both will be able to run Windows RT, as well as Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Chrome OS and Android. This company is already working with Microsoft on a few projects and says we could see Windows RT slates with Allwinner processors by the year end.

Windows RT has gone under our radar for some time now, so it may be time for a resurrection. Allwinner has been gaining ground over the past years thanks to low price CPUs and with Intel struggling to make $99 tablets happen, they must cut costs even more to undermine the big US player. Of course, Windows RT may just be a pet project for Allwinner, that still bets big on Android.