Among the best tablet devices available on the market we also have the Asus Transformer Book, a hybrid that combine the portability of a tablet with the power of a laptop/PC. Also, a tablet like this comes in the package with a keyboard dock that transform it into a notebook device that will be easy to carry arround. Today, through a Digitimes report we find out that Asus will launch the new Transformer Book T200 at the end of the third quarter.


Is expected that once released on the market, this device to be sold in about 20.000 to 30.000 units per month, while the shipments of the company’s new 8.9-inch model that will be launched in the 4th quarter to be lower than thos of the T100. Getting to the T100, we already know that this tablet managed to offer a great balance in size, form factor and price, things that made a lot of consumers to choose the T100 instead of a notebook.

Even if this one had a success on the market, the next 8.9-inch model and the 11.6-inch T200 slate could face some issues once available. Among these issues we have the cost of the touch module and the panel for a bigger display, and the fact that such a tablet with a 11.6-inch screen size will have similar features like a notebook, so Microsoft could stop provide extra apps like free Office. It remains to see when these new tablets will be released and at what price tag will arrive on the market.