We’ve talked about Samsung’s plans for flexible displays here, but in order to get a proper flexible gizmo, one would need some other flexible components such as a battery, for example. Handling that area is company Prologium, that was recently visited by MobileGeeks and you can see what followed below.


Prologium is working on a foil-like batteries, that can flex easily and can be punctured, cut and folded without problems and while still charging up a device. The new type of battery is a FLCB (Flexible Lithium Ceramic Battery) and you can see several such units crammed into a flip cover and even a bigger unit for a tablet at some point in the video below.

The next gen batteries look like strips of metal basically and they’re very thin, so they won’t make the devices bulky. Add a flexible screen in the mix and all you need are a few more components and the perfect flexible phone or tablet will be ready.