Belkin is one manufacturer that manages to surprise with great quality products and mobile device accessories. One of their latest products is an iPad case that the manufacturer promises to provide a home theater sound experience. Did I mention that it also looks great.


The Belkin Thunderstorm is designed to provide great aesthetics  a solid feel and unique sound courtesy of the built-in speaker. It’s made so that the form factor of the iPad does not suffer and provides great portability even with the built-in sound system. The case interacts with the Apple device through an app that controls the sound output preferences.


One downside of having a separate sound system is that the Belkin case has to be charged through its own separate charger. That is cause the dock connector on the iPad does not provide any power at all and the manufacturer’s only choice was an external source. Still the case looks great and given Belkin’s history it should be priced at a satisfactory level. We expect more info at CES this year.