Computex 2010 is in full bloom and it’s raining tablets, it seems. Among the new ones, we found the Taiji Electronics slate, pictured to the left and shown in action in the video below. What’s unique about this tablet is that it brings a new type of input to the scene: an embedded, detachable Bluetooth keyboard.

Taiji Electronics created a Windows 7 tablet PC, powered by a VIA C7 M 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB memory and using what seems to be a 10 inch 16:9 touchscreen. The device is paired with a Bluetooth keyboard and you have to know that this tablet includes a couple of USB ports and a possible SSD slot.

This is a mere concept for now, but we hope it’ll develop into a great commercial product. Video of the tablet in action:

[via besttabletreview]