ExoPC Slate is one of the upcoming tablets that will “challenge the iPad to a duel”, as if we haven’t heard that a bunch of times already. This time, Engadget had the chance to play with the device, so they can say if the slate is better than Apple’s toy, JooJoo, Dell Streak or other similar devices.

ExoPC was shown in action at Computex 2010 and you have to know that this 11.6 inch slate is pretty impressive, or so claim the Engadget editors. The tablet runs Windows 7 and uses a very original UI, plus it’s very light and thin. The build quality is great, specially for a prototype and the device comes with two USB ports, an SDcard slot and a HDMI out.

A VGA webcam is incorporated along the top bezel, while under the hood you’ll find a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU, 2GB RAM and a 32GB SSD. This Slate will also support 1080p playback, courtesy of an embedded Broadcom Crystal HD chip. However, all of these specs are no match for the real appeal of the tablet: the custom software layer that “hides” Windows 7.

The UI is incredibly easy to navigate with a single finger, being based on circles that can be customized to include a different app or website shortcut. The video above speaks for itself and if you’re wondering about pricing, ExoPC Slate should be available for $599 starting September.

[via Engadget]